Professional Drone Photography and Video Services.

As an aerial photographer, we just love to provide clients with quality, professional and creative drone photography services. Aerial photography and video is a fantastic marketing tool for businesses involved in tourism, construction, real estate and property amongst many others. But providing commercial drone services safely and efficiently requires training, experience and skill.

  • CAA Certified Drone Photographer
  • Super High Quality - up to 5.1k Video
  • High Resolution Aerial Photography
  • Professional Retouching and Recolouring
  • Professional Grade Insurance
  • Affordable Drone Services Pricing
  • The latest DJI drones
  • Risk Assessment Part of Every Flight


Below you'll find several aerial photography and video examples. Click 'Request A Quote' for a free estimate.

How much does an aerial photographer cost?

Our aerial drone photography rates vary depending on the subject, and the type of photographs, or video that you need. But provided you can give us a reasonable brief of what you’re hoping to achieve, then we can usually supply a quote fairly quickly. Most importantly we need to know the location in order to assess any restrictions that might be present.

Aerial photographers are bound by strict regulations. Particularly when it comes to flying in the vicinity of airports, city centres, prisons, and military training areas. On the whole, most locations are possible. We’re even able to seek permission to fly in Flight Restriction Zones of airports if required. But as a rough guide, £250 + vat is our half day rate. However, we have included more drone photography pricing examples lower down on this page. A simple roof inspection on a small residential property can cost as little as £95 + vat.

We’re based in Manchester, but we will cover most parts of the UK if your aerial photography project is further afield.

Aerial Photography & Video Prices

Below you’ll find three examples of aerial photography and video pricing. However, please contact us with details about your project because every job is different. Once we have all the details we can tailor a quote to your specific requirements.

  • Photography only
  • £225
    per + vat
  • Risk assessment & flight planning
  • Up to 20 aerial images
  • Image edit / colour correction
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Video Only
  • £445
    per + vat
  • Risk assessment & flight planning
  • -
  • -
  • Up to 10 minutes aerial footage
  • Video colour correction
  • 1 to 2 minute highlight video set to licensed music
  • 5 individual video shots provided for your use
  • inclusion of logos and titles

Prices are examples only and will be confirmed on submission of your enquiry with a quotation once we know the location of your property. If your location is close to an airport we may have to apply to the local Air Traffic Control for permission to fly. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure the safety of the flight. There is an additional charge of £25 +vat if this is required.

Why hire a drone photographer?

Drone photography and video provides a unique perspective of your location, building or product! Most aerial footage was previously only achievable with a helicopter. However these shots can now be achieved with lightweight portable drones. The latest DJI drones that we use produce incredibly high resolution imagery.

Post production editing is not always required. For example drone building surveys do not often require recolouring or retouching. However if editing is required we are experts in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro. As a result we aim to supply the best possible aerial photography we can.

In addition to using drones, we also use stabilised hand held cameras that we combine with aerial drone footage to offer a complete photography and videography package.

So if you need an aerial photographer or videographer in the Manchester area (or even further afield in the UK), give us a call, or contact us via our online form today.