Construction site drone photography

Site progress monitoring, marketing & social media

If you're an architect, builder or construction company looking for a way to monitor the progress of your project, drone photography and video are a perfect solution. And with recent advances in drone technology, it’s now less expensive and more accessible than manned flights which are all but a thing of the past for construction site monitoring.

Regular site visits are a popular option. With high resolution video and images you are able to  provide a visual overview of progress for managers, clients and investors. We can track build progress via high resolution photographs and video taken from the same angles each visit to help you meet deadlines and deliver on time.

As CAA qualified and insured drone operators, we are perfectly placed to document your construction project from planning through to final sign off. Take a look below at some example costs, but please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Construction Site Drone Photography Benefits

  • Perfect for clients, project managers and investors
  • Quickly gain an overview of projects under construction
  • Great value for money
  • Regular interview visits or set to your programme
  • Shots can be taken from the same viewpoint every time
  • Final set of images for portfolio use if required


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Construction site aerial photography examples

How much does construction site drone photography cost?

Construction site drone photography is best done at regular intervals, but in order to get the best value we would recommend once every 4 to 8 weeks. Costs can vary depending on location, and we always try to get the most out of a day by visiting multiple sites where possible. Contact us today for a bespoke quotation.

Why hire a professional Aerial Photographer?

‘Can’t we just do that ourselves?’ is often the question when considering most forms of photography these days. Everybody has a smartphone, right? And drones are widely available and easily purchased from many high street stores. The technology has evolved to a level where even lightweight entry level drones can provide 4k footage and pin sharp imagery.

But aerial photography comes with many rules and regulations, particularly in urban environments. The Civil Aviation Authority requires all drone operators intending to fly in urban areas to carry an advanced qualification - an ‘operational authorisation’ or a GVC. An A2 certificate will not suffice over a construction site. At Viewpoint we are qualified to GVC level. Pre-flight site surveys, risk assessments and weather reports all come together to assess each location prior to even setting foot on site. So we’re perfectly placed to carry out your construction site aerial photography.

Construction site photography Manchester

We’re based in Manchester, but we will travel throughout the North West, The Midlands, Yorkshire and North Wales. We’re more than happy to chat through your requirements, and provide a free estimate. Complete our enquiry form, or give us a call.